Meet up with the Franchisee Who’s Bringing New York-Style Pizza to Texas

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David Martinez is a serial franchisee, first with Ben & Jerry’s and today with Russo’s NY Pizzaria. Before he opened his franchise in ’09 2009, Martinez met with the dog owner, Anthony Russo, and tested out the menu along with his Sicilian mother. She gave her stamp of approval, and the entrepreneurial-minded businessman later opened two additional locations in Mission and Corpus Christi. Get yourself a taste of his experience by reading the interview below. read more

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Meet up with the Latest Startup to Catch Mark Cuban’s Eye

This story originally appeared on Fortune Magazine

Mark Cuban is turning his eye to the eSports world.

The entrepreneur, Shark Tank star, and owner of the Dallas Mavericks is part of a team which has invested $7 million in Seattle startup Unikrn (pronounced “Unicorn”), that provides wagering on competitive gaming tournaments. The round, led by Binary Capital, brings the company’s total secured funding to $10 million.

“I did so an interview with CNBC two months ago and within two minutes of the interview, Mark Cuban called me,” says Rahul Sood, co-founder of Unikrn and creator of the gaming PC company Voodoo PC. “We exchanged a few emails backwards and forwards and within two days he said ‘I’m in’.” read more

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Meet up with the Little-Known Entrepreneur Behind the $1 Billion Gaming Company You’ve Never HEARD ABOUT

Min-Liang Tan may be the CEO, creative director and co-founder of a $1 billion company, but unless you’re a devoted gamer, you’ve likely never heard about him.

Indeed, on a recently available ranking of the 10 most influential leaders in tech – a list that included big names like Elon Musk, Satya Nadella and Travis Kalanick – his name sticks out because it’s so unfamiliar. He’s ok with that, though. His company, Razer — which builds products for gamers and joined the "unicorn" club last October — could be a significant business, but Tan’s relatively low-status profile lets him fly beneath the radar. read more

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Stop Being Such a good Wad. Choose Great Website.

You merely worked your ass off going back 12 months.

Creating your product. Having samples made. Ordering 1 million of these because that’s the factory’s minimum.

You’d someone in Indonesia create a slick logo for you personally. You setup your UPS account. You’ve rolled up your sleeves and you’re prepared to get yourself started your ecommerce website.

Perhaps you know a man who’s nephew builds websites from his dorm. Or you read some article on how best to build your own website in three simple actions. So now all you need to accomplish is get the web site built and you’re all set, right? read more

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Stop Believing in the energy of Freemium Thinking

Freemium thinking may be the act of repeating past strategy without putting a whole lot of thought into the way the future changes. Here’s why that’s no more good enough and you skill instead.

The next excerpt is from Benjamin Gilad and Mark Chussil ’s book THE BRAND NEW Employee Manual: A No-Holds-Barred Look at Corporate Life . Buy it now from Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Apple Books | IndieBound read more

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Stop Calling 20- and 30-Something’s ‘Entitled’

I’m fed up with people saying that the 20 and 30 something’s of today will be the "Entitlement Generation." Some individuals give us a call the "Me, Me, Me Generation."

The normal type of thought is our generation wants a lot more than we "deserve" and we’re not ready to work for this. We’re then in comparison to generations of days gone by as proof that people haven’t any grit or continue.

But let’s all have a step back. read more

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Stop Being the Hero IF YOU WISH Your Startup to achieve success

At some time, a founder must scale the team and focus on long-term strategy.

Early founders know very well what it means to execute heroic acts. Re-architecting the merchandise, swooping directly into close large deals and being the release manager on your own first launches — hero mode is usually the state an early on founder is in when they’re strapped for cash and time.

But there’s a spot of which these heroics must stop. At some time, a founder must scale the team and focus on long-term strategy. read more

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Stop Calling Everyone a business owner –They Aren’t

There exists a difference between a business owner and small-business owner.

We’ve gotten a bit overly enthusiastic with the “entrepreneur” label. Stop it. So many people are actually considered entrepreneurs that it’s now easier to find out who’s who if we just have the non-entrepreneurs raise their hands.

All too often, I see people confusing entrepreneurs with small-business owners. Far more people are qualified to perform a Jamba Juice than take companies from inception, through market traction, funding, growth and eventual IPO or exit. read more

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Stop Calling It ‘Coaching’ When All You’re Really Doing Is Scolding Your Team

Constructive criticism could very well be the most crucial and least common leadership skill.

Previously three months roughly a small cadre of individuals from disparate backgrounds complained if you ask me that these were “coached”. Not coached actually, but full blown, angry air quotes “coached”.

The difference between being coached and “coached” is greater than a minor semantic distinction; it’s the difference between being treated such as a misbehaving toddler and a valued professional and team member. In the latter case, you’ll likely take the criticism well and earnestly work to accomplish better, within the former case you should think of the individual as a hypercritical ass-hat who neither likes nor values you. You might adhere to their request, but you’ll also lose respect for them and could become passive aggressive. It’s tough to provide your all for those who can do only find fault and it’s really easy to choose that if you are not valued at one company you risk hardly any likely to work for another. read more

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Stop Calling Yourself the ‘CEO’ and begin Telling People EVERYTHING YOU Do

Whatever your fancy job title, you are what your company does.

J D Wetherspoon is well-known in britain for its a lot more than 890 pubs, in addition to a chain of upscale bars and boutique hotels. The firm, founded in 1979 by Tim Martin, grosses about $2.2 billion a year and employs a lot more than 37,000 people. Martin prides himself on visiting from 10 to 20 of his establishments every week. He writes notes on the staff, the cutlery, the standard of food and, of course, the beer. Oh, and he consumes about two to four pints of it almost every day. read more

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