Control Your Operating Costs By Moving to the Cloud

In the golden age of the program services company, Novell — remember? — I worked in public areas relations for CEO Eric Schmidt. And even in the past, before talk of “the cloud,” Schmidt was spreading his vision of “One Net.”

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He continued to build out that vision with just a little startup called Google.

When I started my very own first company, I already shared that vision to do online business and knew how exactly to connect people and systems, to facilitate a “virtual company.” read more

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Control Your Overhead

Technology is rendering it easier so that you can track your business’s resources.

For most businesses, recessions strike with a double whammy. Sales fall as fraud rises, squeezing profits at both ends. But unlike those in previous recessions, a lot of today’s entrepreneurs are recovering lost revenue with new technologies that track output right down to the last mile, french fry and drop.

And for the firms offering those technologies, business is booming. read more

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Get yourself a Grip, SMALL ENTERPRISES! 5 Tips to ASSIST YOU TO COPE WITH Stress.

Eliminating stress is impossible, but here are a few tactics to assist you cope and stay strong.

I can’t let you know how many times I acquired called crazy when I needed to give up my high-paying engineering job and begin a business.

And perhaps I was just a little crazy-I had recently bought a residence and was going to marry my sweetheart. Did I must say i know very well what I was engaging in by firmly taking the leap and starting my very own company?

No, nearly. There have been a lot of surprises, sleepless nights, hot dog and mac-n-cheese dinners, maxed out bank cards, 70-hour workweeks…you get the picture. Nevertheless, you know very well what? I now own a multi-million dollar company, Patriot Software Company. read more

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The way the Republican Presidential Candidates BUILD UP on Small-Business Taxes

Free Book Preview Tax and Legal Playbook

Get game-changing answers to your enterprise questions.

In terms of landing your vote for President this season, figuring out precisely how small-business friendly the Republican candidates’ tax plans are could be key.

Among the most notable three factors that could stand in the form of business growth this season, high taxes was number 2 — just behind the expense of doing business and before way too many regulations — according to Sage’s February SMALL COMPANY Sentiment survey (pdf). read more

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Get yourself a Software Patent to safeguard Yourself, But Be ready for a Frustrating Process

For a software startup, a patent could possibly be the intellectual property providing the main element competitive advantage, or it is usually a pricey non-defensible bureaucratic nightmare — or both. I still generally advise software startups to file a patent as a barrier to entry from competitors also to increase their valuation by investors, but every entrepreneur must understand the tradeoffs.

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Get Activated: Improving Mental Health in Startups

It’s time to discuss how they could be tough environments for founders and employees.

One in five American adults will experience mental illness in virtually any given year, and for just one in 25 — or 11.2 million Americans — that illness will be severe enough to hinder their daily lives and relationships. Twenty percent has already been a high number, however the nonprofit org Open Sourcing Mental Illness shows that percentage is even higher among the tech-industry population. read more

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Get Angry! Be Passionate! Your Emotions Are Crucial to Success.

It wasn’t too much time ago that emotions had room available world. They were regarded as a total waste of time and unproductive. Boy, how things have changed. Today, inspiring emotions is a crucial part of any entrepreneur’s business repertoire and the social skills required need to be developed to produce a positive impact on underneath line.

When there is a desire to have stronger leadership, better knowledge of your team members’ behaviors and far better communication — not merely to your peers but also to influencers and investors alike — you must understand the thing that’ll change how you do business. read more

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Get an MBA IF YOU WISH to Get Ahead running a business. Skip It IF YOU WISH Your Business to Get Ahead.

MBA programs do give a useful toolkit, however they are better fitted to established businesses than rapid-growth startups.

With a plentitude of resources at our fingertips, there’s never been an improved time to create a business. Sites like F6S, Appsumo and StartupStash list a huge selection of low-cost resources open to businesses of most sizes. But, while available resources make it easy to create the operations, the more difficult task is in fact managing the business enterprise. read more

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Make contact with Basics–and Bricks

Stick out in a crowded online marketplace by opening a normal storefront.

Lately, an aspiring entrepreneur opened a business within an office or storefront and if things were going well, expanded the business enterprise by launching a website to attract customers beyond the immediate market. An online business helped a business to stick out from the crowd. Today, the initial step many entrepreneurs take is to make a website, as a business cannot survive lacking any online presence anymore. read more

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Make contact with Business Planning Fundamentals

In a recession, it is critical to know what adjustments to create to your business plan. Listed below are three fundamentals to keep in mind.

This book takes readers through a 360-degree perspective of social media in businesses.

I’m a baby boomer, born in 1948. I’ve seen recessions before. I was job hunting through the recession of 1971. We were deeply with debt and trying to get a house through the recession of 1982. We sold a residence in California and moved to Oregon through the recession of 1992. We’d to lay people off–five of 35–during the recession of 2001. Which recession seems just like the worst I’ve seen. read more

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