Don’t Leave Talent up for grabs: A REMEDY to the Tech Talent Gap

Finding good developers is hard, and it’s only likely to get harder.

The skilled labor supply pool can’t match the growing number of education jobs in America. Significantly less than 3 percent of college graduates major in computer science, and by the entire year 2020, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts you will see 1.4 million new computer science jobs with only 400,000 computer science students to fill them.

The industry is frantically looking for answers to this shortage. One approach is enacting programs that encourage university students to shift their studies toward computer science. But this program has provided minimal success. read more

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DON’T ALLOW a ‘Brilliant Jerk’ Run Your Company: How exactly to Balance Aggressiveness with Respect

The controversy surrounding Uber and the ones claims of its being truly a toxic "boys-club" culture finally culminated the other day: As everyone now knows, the business’s founder and CEO, Travis Kalanick, resigned.

Related: Travis Kalanick Stepped Down, But Uber’s Problems WILL NOT BE Instantly Solved

Known for his aggressive, brash, larger-than-life personality, Kalanick had led the business to quick success — but at what cost? And was it worthwhile? Uber’s and other cases of bro-culture behavior have resulted in a more substantial conversation in Silicon Valley about the damage that “brilliant jerks” can inflict. read more

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Don’t FIND OUT MORE, Learn Smarter. AN INSTANT Guide to Agile Learning.

Just like the body, your brain should be regularly taken care of, fed and trained.

Running a Business 101: Streamline your operation to supply more value to users. Lately, I’ve been considering this notion and how it could apply in the training context; whether we have to apply the same “lean” method of our knowledge acquisition and squeeze more value from what we learn. It’s a way that experts call agile learning, looked after entails unlearning information that’s no more useful. read more

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German Robots to Manufacture First JOGGING SHOES for Adidas

A German factory operated largely by robots can make its first 500 pairs of jogging shoes for Adidas early next year as the sportswear company seeks to cut labor costs and increase delivery to fashion-conscious consumers.

Founded by German cobbler Adi Dassler in 1949, Adidas has shifted the majority of its production from Europe to Asia and today relies on a lot more than 1 million workers in contract factories, particularly in China and Vietnam.

But Adidas now really wants to bring production back nearer to its major markets to meet up demands for faster delivery of new styles also to counter rising wages in Asia and higher shipping costs. read more

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Get yourself a Fresh Start: Your Relationship Repair Kit

Guess that you have argued with a colleague and today avoid speaking with this person. Your relationship is damaged, and you wonder how exactly to repair and restore it-how to start out over, constitute, rebuild trust, and sort out issues instead of move from them.

Many people experience moments of conflict daily as we fall prey to power, politics, and personalities. If the conflict involves something vital that you us, we have a tendency to have a position and fight for our beliefs. While conflict may damage relationships, that damage could be repaired through simple approaches and rituals. Creating new conversational patterns will help you reframe, refocus, and redirect conversations to transform anger into alignment. read more

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Get yourself a Grasp on Google’s Content Network

Navigate carefully and you may turn a minefield right into a goldmine.

This book takes readers through a 360-degree perspective of social media in businesses.

Google is currently the biggest advertising network on the planet. Want to market Frisbees in South Africa or upholstering in Kokomo Indiana? Each and every time someone searches the word Frisbee in Johannesburg, Google will show your ad. And you merely pay if they click. Your ads could be showing in a quarter-hour. read more

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Get yourself a Microsoft Surface For only $499 for all you On-the-Go Business Needs

Save big on these high-powered, convertible notebooks when you get refurbished.

Disclosure: Our goal is to feature services and products that we think you will discover interesting and useful. In the event that you purchase them, Entrepreneur gets a little share of the revenue from the sale from our commerce partners.

For entrepreneurs, it is critical to be able to focus on the go. That’s why is the Microsoft Surface such a fantastic choice. These 2-in-1 devices seamlessly convert between a laptop and a tablet, so that you can setup a workstation wherever you are and keep maintaining peak efficiency. If you are searching for a new device to obtain more done, the Microsoft Surface is an excellent bet. read more

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Get 20% off Amazon Prime Membership for Today Only!

And get more Early Black Friday Deals on Samsung TVs, Kindles & more.

Entrepreneur has affiliate partnership with TechBargains so we might get yourself a share of the revenue from your own purchase.

This can be the last weekend before Black Friday and the deals are starting to heat up. Samsung has begun its annual Black Friday markdowns on the TVs, Amazon has discounted Prime (something has only happened several times), and we are beginning to see retailers pull the trigger on discounts in early stages from TVs, PCs, electronics and more. read more

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Get yourself a Spotless, Organized OFFICE AT HOME in a single Week

Why spend time getting the home office to be able just as summer is going to begin, and the very last thing you want to think about is work? Just because a messy office at home only gets in the form of summer plans, that’s why!

Piles of work papers and to-dos are visual reminders of things you don’t desire to be doing — investing in just a little extra effort to button up your house office can help streamline your house for summer, to help you move to the fun stuff.

This course of action can help you clear the clutter and put systems set up to make it simpler to keep things looking good all year. read more

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Control Your To-Do List

Start tackling those tasks on your own to-do list with these organizational tips from John Madden.

Every Sunday, John Madden creates a to-do list for the upcoming week. The co-founder of Contemporary Audioin Okemos, Michigan, jots down twelve roughly items–everything from attending a networking event to creating outlines for projects, for instance a new brochure for the 11-employee audio and entertainment products retailer.

"Each morning," Madden adds, "I jot down a half-dozen things predicated on my weekly plans." Included in these are to-dos on weekly projects and to-dos he didn’t reach your day before. "Personally i think good if I will get 50 percent of my list done," he says. read more

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