3 Essentials to make a Big Splash at YOUR BRAND-NEW Job

No first impression is more important compared to the one you make on the people you will continue to work with.

It’s a whole new year, we have a whole new #POTUS, and I’m just starting a fresh role at our agency. There are a great number of us engaging in new jobs at this time!

As I anticipate new responsibilities I recall some sound advice I’ve gotten over time whenever I’ve started something new. I’d prefer to pass it along, for anybody going right through it now too.

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Write a 100-day plan.

There’s nothing much better than an idea of action to keep you on the right track as new duties, pressures and requirements are receiving thrown at you left and right. Four weeks before you start your brand-new gig, begin to map out what you need to have finished once you begin. Those early days can easily become a blur, if you aren’t organized and centered on what must get accomplished, then your first couple of months are bound to put into practice inefficiently. If you’ve already started your brand-new job and don’t have a 100-day plan prepared, never to worry. Get cracking onto it today…the truth is that you’re probably more knowledgeable now anyway and may write it up fast. Progress!

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Become familiar with the brand new folks.

A fresh job often means a fresh team and new players in the mix. Be sure to make the rounds, introducing yourself and establishing those first critical meetings. In the event that you strike first, you’ll leave a lasting first impression that you value those around you.

Don’t just reserve your newfound friendliness for all those first in line on your own team; say hello to everyone around you. You never know when those folks will be beneficial to you aswell. These early days will be the best methods to spend time building relationships, prior to the real demands of the work activate and you’re left without disposable time to spare. Touch base!

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Get an early on win under your belt.

Make an effort to build some confidence in your start, not only for yourself but also for those that will soon come to depend on you. There’s nothing beats a little success right out of your gate to send the signal that one could get stuff done, and that you’re a keeper. It’ll erase any doubt anyone may have in your abilities, and probably a lot more importantly it’ll provide you with the boost it is advisable to start tackling the larger issues down the road. Grab it!

Towards the end of every new day, spend a couple of minutes recounting everything you got done. Consider who you’ve met, what you’ve learned, and what you’ve checked off your growing set of deliverables. Make certain you’re tracking against your 100-day plan, needs to become familiar with your team’s strengths and weaknesses, and working toward mastering your brand-new role. Tracking your progress is a good way to place you in line for great success after the job isn’t so new anymore.

I’m barely into my 100-day plan, but I’m pumped up about the brand new challenges.